Circular Connector

Round connectors: Round connectors are molded in round structure and utilized basically for outside communicating. A connector will either be male sort (with pins) or female sort (with attachments) . A male connector incorporates pins that fitting into an attachment or comparative container. A female connector comprises of attachments that are adjusted to work with a pin-type connector.


Round Connector is waterproof male contacts repository which forestalls infiltration of water into the inside of the hardware.

Right point plug guaranteeing simplicity of wiring with a separated shell.

Hook lock round connector for sound hardware.

Round Connectors are given an establishing capability to forestall outside commotion.

Two sorts of fitting side link cinch components are selectable alongside the repository side connectors in four sizes as per the plan and mounting space necessity.

The lock discharge switches in the fitting container come in two sorts that are selectable as per the application.

A high-loyalty model is accessible, utilizing terminals produced using 6N high-immaculateness sans oxygen copper.

Round Connector accompanies elastic bushing to keep harm from link twisting.

Roundabout Connector are in minimized, lightweight, strong, and exceptionally solid multi-pin round connector with a connector outside measurement of 14.7mm

Pike lock component guaranteeing high inclusion and extraction operability.

In Round Connector fittings, repositories, and jacks of male and female terminal sorts are accessible

Round Connectors have snap-lock component guaranteeing simplicity of inclusion and extraction, and keeps the connector from disengagement because of shock or vibration.

The fitting link closes has a howls of mono-block development forestalling wire connectors guide detachment harm from twisting

A flexible variety of models with both straight and right point fittings and containers accessible.

Waterproof fitting and repository forestall entrance of water into the inside of the hardware, so the pitch occupying time is contracted with an expansion in work productivity

Plug keeping up with the freedom between the female terminals and protector, keeping the female terminals from wobbling, and giving stable contact development.

Round Connector has terminal bind pot in a similar bearing guaranteeing improvement in wiring work
Locking system with an enemy of relaxing spring in a screw coupling

Repository that can be mounted rapidly on the board surface by fixing a nut

Shell with a string bushing for expanded link curve and insurance against wire breakage when the link is twisted.

Roundabout Connectors have five aide keys and white imprint painted at the mating position guaranteeing fast inclusion and extraction effortlessly

Roundabout Connectors have consecutive development with one of the three pins intended to come in touch before the other two pins.